Positive test results Cultus Agro Advies

A while ago Cultus Agro Advies performed a test whether it was possible to reduce the application of chemical pesticides when applying our product BioFirmit, in order to reduce infestations due to (fungal) diseases. The cultivars 'Arthur Bell' and 'TomTom' were, initially, exposed for six weeks to several diverse plant diseases like downey and 'real' mildew,  rust and black spot disease. Also the overall crop condition was monitored.

During the initial test periode of six weeks, no single disease was able to survive in the treated plants! Subsequently Cultus decided to expand the test and extend it to twenty weeks. Seven weeks prior to the end of the test, the roses were pruned and spaced.

The end results are as we expected. During the test the treated roses were completely free of black spot disease and mildew. It was only after a minimun of 14 - 20 weeks that downey mildew and rust gave some signs of existence, on a moment the untreated plants already vanished.  For both cultivars it was established that the crop condition of treated plants was significantly better than their untreated counterparts.

At this moment Cultus Agro Advies is performing a test in several kind of perennials, and is BioFirmit being applied in all kinds of other crops and plants. Don't hesitate to contact us. Who knows how we can serve each other!