What is BioFirmit

What does BioFirmit?
BioFirmit increases the resistance of plants. BioFirmit is a very effective nature own product and a complete new idea of protecting the plant. BioFirmit stimulates the natural defense system of the plant. This makes sure that the plant can prevent itself against diseases and react to infection in time.

How does BioFirmit work?
BioFirmit activates the defense mechanism of the plant. How does it do this? In this part this will be explained. The natural defense mechanism of the plant is called peroxidase. Peroxidase is an enzyme that is made by the plant, for example in case of illness or fungi that attack the plant. This enzyme will battle against the attack. This is a system that comes from nature. Since there are all different kinds of plants in the environment, there is always one that makes the enzyme. This is not the case in breeding, because there is only one type of plant. This leads to the weakening of the plants own defense mechanism. After years of research and development, we have found out which substance is responsible for making the plant start producing the needed enzymes. We have isolated this substance and put it into our product named BioFirmit. If BioFirmit is given to the plant, it will start to produce the enzyme before it is attacked. If an attack takes place, the plant has its defense meganism in order and it can fight off the attack effectively. The enzyme helps to destroy the radicals faster, without being used. That is why we only need to spray it once every 10 to 14 days, to renew the enzymes.

Peroxidase plays an important role in the defense meganism of plants. When the peroxidase activity increases threats will see their chances of getting their grasp on the plant decrease drastically.