Positive test results Cultus Agro Advies

A while ago Cultus Agro Advies performed a test whether it was possible to reduce the application of chemical pesticides when applying our product BioFirmit, in order to reduce infestations due to (fungal) diseases. The cultivars 'Arthur Bell' and 'TomTom' were, initially, exposed for six weeks to several diverse plant diseases like downey and 'real' mildew,  rust and black spot disease. Also the overall crop condition was monitored.

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Tests with BioFirmit

At this moment, Cultus Agro Advies is performing a test in which BioFirmit is being applied to roses. The cultivars on which BioFirmit is being tested on concern the cultivars 'Arthur Bell' and the cultivar 'TomTom'.

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New website BioFirmit

The new website of BioFirmit is online. At Aquamar, it's our daily concern to optimalise and enhance our service, both offline and online with this new website

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